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Stellar stability at room temp

my little penguin

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Ds Stelara shipment was delayed by UPS by a day
Found out from the pharmacy
Per manufacturer Stelara is only stable for one time out at 4 hours - at room temp

In this case Stelara will be replaced
But never knew it was only good for 4 hours at room temp

Wow 😳
Humira is good for 14 days at room temp
Very short window
That's good to know. I get my shot at a clinic, and I think I'll keep going there instead of doing it at home. Stelara is working great with MTX, I haven't felt this good in years.
Stelara has been working well for me for the past year. I need to get another colonoscopy though because the MRI showed active disease when I was taking every 8 weeks. now I am every 4-5 weeks.
Are all of you taking Stelara with MTX? If so, is it oral or injectable. My son was escalated from 8 weeks to 4 and scope showed a lot of improvement but still active inflammation in rectum so they want to add MTX injection and short term pred enema until MTX kicks in.

He would prefer oral MTX since he is in college and is afraid to inject. I do the Stelara but it would be hard for me to do the weekly MTX and he will be living out of state doing an internship starting in late May.