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Stem Cell Therapy

I know it's a long-shot, but has anyone participated in a trial to treat their fistula(s) using mesenchymal stem cells (i.e., those harvested from you)?

I've tried it all and am about to start a clinical trial at Mayo using a MSC-coated fistula plug in hopes that it helps me with my RVF (developed after successful surgical treatment of an anal fistula). They've used this therapy on anal fistulas and had promising results, so I am hopeful that this less-invasive approach will make a difference (and allow me to be reconnected).

Here's to being a guinea pig!
Thanks for sharing! This is the trial I am participating in (at Mayo):


They have completed similar trials with other fistula patients with promising results (around 80% healing a year out, I believe). Main difference here vs. some others is that instead of just injecting stem cells they use a plug to deliver them and, theoretically, enhance the effectiveness.
Just had my first trip to Mayo and visit #1 (EUA, seton placement and stem cell harvesting) is in the books. All went well and I should be headed back in about two months for the plug/stem cells. Feeling hopeful...