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Stem cells or cell detox?

Hello! I started with a case of C-diff over 2 years ago which led to Crohns. I keep seeing information stating that this has changed my body at the cellular level. Therefore I am wondering about 2 treatments:
1. stem cells which has helped many people with crohns I can find plenty of information on this.
2. I cannot find anyone who has done a cell detox program. Wondering if anyone has tried a cell detox program? For example, one by Dr. Katie Effertz she is in Wisconsin. I always see ads for cell detox helping people with auto immune issues but I have no idea if it really helps? Another Dr. that promotes cell detox is Dr. Pompa. I am not affiliated with either one.

Thanks for the help!
Hello Bandesrson, sorry to hear that your situation led to crohn’s disease.

I think stem cells is still work in progress for crohn’s disease and is not ready for all the patients and all the cases.

Regarding the cell detox, I never heard of it, but the detox term is often use improperly to push marketing and sell dubious products, with low medical/scientific bases behind, so be careful and take advices from your doctor. If it’s about having better health or diet habits it could have positive effects on your symptoms.

Wish you the best and send you support.