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Steph's story

steph's story

Some of the things I have read about crohn's sound absolutly terrifying. you really have to love and listen to your body - is what i have learned so far. I am 26 and was diagnosed dec 05. he said it with a smile and told me to avoid milk, spices and anything acidic and gave me an rx for asacol. i had no idea what it was about or how long i would be taking meds for. i actually thanked him with a smile - not knowing what i was in for:confused:
I had abdominal pain and occational bleeding for 2 months before - my gp thought it was colitis. before my colonoscopy i was convinced i was "normal".
In the summer i got occational abdominal pains, but just took lots of malox which did nothing. i thought i was getting healthier - going to the gym, eating right (like normal ppl) and such. to throw it all out the window was hard - when i finally just started my routine. I hiked the westcoast trail at the begining of september and got sever knee pain, so i took tons of ibprophen (which i now know is a no-no for ibd) - the hike was awesome by the way and i would do it again.
i havn't had some of the symptoms that most ppl with crohn's talk about. i get a lot of inflammation in my joints and rectal discomfort. I had an abcess which they thought was related to the disease so after taking a total of 6wks of cipro and flagyl - and it not healing - the surgeon said i was taking the wrong kind of antibiotic. the best part - he could tell by the location!!!
So - i have just started seeing an accupuncturist and will be seeing a natropath soon for food sensitivity tests. after seeing the accupuncturist i feel alive, like i have never felt before. truely amazing. i must say i do not have much faith in conventional dr's. my gi seems to tell me the same story everytime i see him - the course of tx depending on the course of the disease. my gp is good to talk with and helps to what he can. the surgeon is just there - waiting i guess:eek:
having crohn's has changed me. it has taught me to love my body. there was an intimate moment, a week after diagnoses, i was pretty lost looking. after a bath i sat in front of the wall mirror and just caressed every part of me. suddenly it isn't about being the "perfect" girl - but really taking care of yourself.
anyways, this is my story. i didn't expect to ramble on so much. things just kept coming to mind. it's a rough ride, but when the sun is beaming - i soak it in.

Cheers, Steph


Welcome to the board Steph. It sounds like you are rather strong-minded and have been dealing well with your diagnosis and condition. I hope to see you around her more often in the future.


Hi steph

I agree with mike you sound really strong and im glad that the natural option is working for you. Welcome to the site

All the best


Mama Crohnie
Hi Steph, Welcome...great pleasure to meet you. Have fun making new friends, and Thanks for sharing your story.
Mama Crohnie


WELCOME ABOARD STEPH ... Make yourself right home here & I am sure that the other members will tell you the same thing. You have found a wonderful site & I am sure that you will find plenty of comfort here & all of us will make you feel welcome !! I however am not the one with CD my husband is ... and so I have met a lot of wonderful folks here that have helped me out and I have shared plenty of good things with them in return so have fun & jump into the games & have fun !! :)


Thanks for sharing Steph, that was pretty inspirational :)



Your story and your positive outlook surrounding it can only be seen as an inspiration, and I think everyone on here would agree to that. I for one am glad you're going to hang around, and I hope to hear form you again soon.

Take care

thanks everyone, i expect to meet a lot of cool ppl here. i must say, even though i said i don't have faith in conventional dr's - we still need them. the asacol does keep me in remission - as i have noticed the two times i stopped them, two weeks after i would flare. and each time would be worse - which is why i am on a short course of prednisone. never again will i stop asacol, maybe reduce over months to 4 tabs instead of 8.
i also have had food sensitivity testing, and cut out wheat, eggs, dairy, yeast, refined sugar, and some other stuff. hopefully this will just help even more.
take care, luv ya