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Steroid induced diabetes

Hello all, it has been a few since the last time I posted here, been trying my best to heal!

I was wondering how many of you all that have been on chronic steroid or had high-dosage shorterm steroids have had, Steriod induced diabetes?

Since my nightmare last year I am trying to find those that are in the catagory like me: if I am on steroids at all I must be on insulin too.

This was very difficult for me, since my medicine team informed me very little as to why these effects caused a person like me with a (at least) healthy pancreas to be in DKA (diabetic-keto-acidois).

I found from later consultations that poor control with this cuased me poor ability to heal.

This is why I ask who suffers from steriod induced diabetes to share there ordeal as well, maybe the community can benifit from understanding how powerful the medications we MUST be on can be and effect our wonderful lives......
I have diabetes also I have had bowel problems for probably all my life. I have been on steroids so many times one of the adverse reactions to steroids
is high blood sugar.This can be just for the time you are on the steroids and go away after. I believe I took them so much that my pancreas became damaged and now I am a full fledged diabetic. I can't take pred anymore b/c it gave steroid psychosis( makes you a real crazy individual). But even now when I have a flare my blood sugar goes up even if I am not on steroids. But what most of us don't realize is that our bodies have natural steroids that have the same effect yesterday my fasting bs was 224. I took an extra injection of my meds last night and it was down to 113 this morning and that was eating very little for the last few days. This disease sucks. So yes other people with Crohns to get high sugars. You are not alone! Hang in there!
Take care
I developed diabetes in November 2007, a few months after being diagnosed with Crohn's and being placed on prednisone for several months. My endocrinologist thinks it is regular type 2 diabetes, but I wonder if it is steroid-induced diabetes (as I never had a problem with high blood sugars before), however, I haven't been able to be off the steroids long enough to be able to tell. I am currently on 2 oral diabetic meds (Januvia and glimepiride) and insulin 1-2 times a day, which keeps it pretty well controlled.


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Question: how do you know if you have diabetes or should be tested?

My glucose is normal but i have other issues that might be diabetes related. Curious what led to your finding out you have it.
Mine showed up on lab - I guess my GI doc routinely checks blood sugars for patients who are on prednisone for a prolonged period of time. If your glucoses are normal, I wouldn't think you have diabetes, but if you are concerned about it (or if you have a family history of diabetes) I would talk with your doctor.