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Steroid induced Hyperglycemia

I've recently been admitted again...

A new event is I am suffering from steriod induced hyperglycemia, and have been placed on insulin to combat the effects. My glucose has been on the 250's since admission yesterday.

Anyone else suffer from this, does it go away?

When I was in the hospital last they gave me TPN (total protein nutrition) through an IV, and monitored my insulin levels. Sometimes getting two shots of insulin a day because of the stuff.

I know they started worrying about my levels of calcium because of the steroids, for a bit. Though I do not believe my glucose ever became a problem on the steroids.
It was beyond a shock when the nurse comes in to give me insulin, lol. I was like WHAT???

Did I miss something here?

Yet again my labs are all wacked this time, the only thing god this time was my white count, ironically. Everything else shows a darn good flare working me over!

Another day in Texas....
I was diagnosed with Crohn's in August 2007, and then with diabetes in November after being on prednisone for 4 months. I take Januvia, an oral medication for diabetes, and then when I'm on prednisone I have to take another oral diabetes medication, glimepiride or else my blood sugars get too high. I also exercise and watch my diet somewhat. The longest I've been off prednisone in the last year is 3 months, and the high blood sugars didn't stop then, but maybe I wasn't off of it long enough. My endocrinologist says it's unlikely that the diabetes will go away (as my dad is borderline diabetic, so it runs in my family - as far as I know, though, I never had high blood sugar before I was on prednisone), but I'm still hopeful it will once I get off the prednisone (for good hopefully!)

Good luck to you!
Still alittle high, as the recent glucometer test showed, 198....

I have been informed that this will be tested for this hyperglycemia for the next few months while on the budesonide and the next tapper of Prednisolone.

Steroids suck!!!
I'm pretty sure I've been having a potassium deficiency due to my prednisone. I'm trying to keep an eye on my blood-pressure. It was on the low-end before the prednisone anyway so I doubt I'll make it to harmful levels. I've been having cramps and such though. I've just been making a point to eat potassium rich foods in the meantime and I figure it'll go away as I continue to taper.

I guess I should check my blood sugar at some point though. My wife has a meter.
From what I understand the steroids cause wear and tear on all the major organs, its much like you age quickly. From what I've read, the inflammation process must be important for something.