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Steroids and Late Menstrual Cycle

Hi, Ladies. I am wondering if anyone else has had their period come (or not come) really late when they were on steroid cream/suppositories/enemas/or pills. I currently started steroid cream (about three weeks ago) to help with swelling "down there." I should have had my period two weeks ago... but no sign of it. I am not pregnant - I took a test when I was a week and a half late. I am just wondering if steroids mess up your cycle. Thanks for your help!!!


I missed my period on occasion, but that was because I was bleeding elsewhere (didn't think it was that much at the time till I passed out from blood loss). Sorry, that's not likely very helpful to you...
TOTALLY! I was 3 weeks late and, of course, I thought I was pregnant. It takes a while for your hormones to get back together. I finished pred. 3 months ago and my period still isn't totally on a tight schedule like it used to be. Best wishes!


Yup. My period abstains from visiting when I'm on heavier pred. Once I'm down to 5mg, it starts thinking about it. After I'm off pred for about two weeks it comes back...angry. :ywow:

It claims it's making me pay for being 'manly'. (that would be the hair growth from the pred)
opposite problem for me! I'm on the pill and found I was constantly spotting when i was on steroids....i get period pain when i spot so was completely miserable and really missing ibuprofen! All back to normal once I stopped the roids though
I am always regular even when i started my meds and I am now currently 9 days late. Last month my meds changed dosages. I dont know if that caused me to be late? I have not taken a test b/c I thought it was to early to?
nope I was 183 and I started going to the gym a cpl times a week and at my last Gi app I gained 3 lbs to be 186 :/
any kind of stress, ex-health issues, change in medications, personal issues, can halt ovulation and cause a delay of your cycle until the stress passes and then the egg is released until it's time for your cycle to start.

if you think you are pregnant, there are tests at the dollar store or you can talk to your Gyn and ask for a test. hope you feel better.