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Steroids for remission then Humira for maintainance - anyone managed this?

Hi there!

Having been in a flare of proctitis for a year I am now 8 weeks into Humira but with no improvement. After stress made my symptoms worse 3-4 weeks ago I am now on a tapering dose of Pred along with Pred suppositories. The aim is to use this to get on top of things and reach remission which will hopefully be upheld by the Humira after that (with or without an increase in dose if necessary).

I already feel much better and have great faith in my GI who has been fantastic.

I just wondered if anyone else has had success with this approach.
I am a little confused. At first, you say there is eight weeks with no improvement. Then later on ,you say that you del much better? If I am reading this wrong, forgive me.
Humira typically takes a few months to really kick in. What your doctor did is pretty typical. Steroids will be used to keep your inflammation under control until the Humira begins really taking effect. I'm currently going through the same process with Imuran. We're using Entocort to keep my inflammation down until the Imuran kicks in.
Yes, I had the same with Imuran a few years ago, too. Hopefully, this will work for the Humira. We are waiting for the results of my antibody tests to see whether the dose of Humira needs to be increased, and will stick it out for a good while yet to see if there is any success.