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Still feel sick with Azathioprine after nearly 4 weeks! HELP!

Hi all,

I'm about to go into my fourth week of taking Azathioprine and am still feeling sick and fatigued. The first week I was OK really then I suddenly felt awful sickness and tiredness.

Is this normal for Azathioprine. Its go so bad that I've been off work since last Wednesday and it's costing me pay.

Any help or advice appreciated.

“Azathioprine starts to work gradually. For inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's disease, it can take up to 12 weeks of taking the "right" adjusted dose before you notice any benefits. For some skin conditions it can take several months or more.”
I had nausea from azathioprine for a good year or two. It wasn't until I was in remission and drastically adapted my diet (no fibre, lactose) that I then had the nausea stop completely. So for me, I don't know if it was azathioprine making it worse, or causing it or being in active crohns.
it's worth mentioning I also have CFS/ME and other fatigue causing illnesses, so for me I don't know if it caused more fatigue or just my illnesses worsening in all honesty.
I was told it took 6 months for my body to fully adapt to the medication and any symptoms would either calm down or stop. It was longer for me. But remission was more than worth it for me. I hope you feel better.
Look into the possibility of Azathioprine induced pancreatitis. If this is the problem you will just feel worse each dose, and probably worth bloodwork to rule out.