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Still no remission on my Crohn's

Hi my name is Ashley i'm 23 years old. I have finally got diagnosed with Crohn's of august 2013 (finally). I first started having bloody stools in August of 2011 at that time i was treated for salmonella, only because my 6 month old daughter contracted Salmonella. It has been a very long rocky road from day one till now. I have been to several specialist, food diary, and so forth. I have no idea why my treatment hasn't worked or what the case may be, I am stage 3 of my treatment. Last year i was in the hospital every week or every other week with blood transfusions and infusions. Still every month i still have to go through that and countless hospitalizations.


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Hi Ashley. Welcome to the forum. Sorry you still haven achieved remission. I was diagnosed many years ago. May I ask what treatment you're receiving?


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Hi Ashley,

Welcome to the community. I'm sorry to hear you still are having trouble :(

I, too, am curious what your current treatment regimen is.

All my best to you.
Hello, thank you both for replying. As of right now, I am on Azathioprine 50mg tab (2) pills daily. Before this i was on high dosages of steroids, pain meds, and iron, calcium. I have severe Crohn's (my gastro tells me) Also this last time i went my white blood count was down. I am finally off the pain meds, thank goodness.


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Has there been any talk of biologics such as remicade or humara?

I'm on Imuran also. Adding remicade in the near future.
Hey Ashley! Welcome! I'm going through treatment still....not in remission yet. I'm thinking of switching hospitals because the doctors I've been working with have not been really on top of things. They've canceled appointments and messed up on medications. I'm hoping for a second opinion and some more answers.

I hope you feel better soon! :)
I am on Aziathropine as well but take 150mg. I am also on Pentsa, has that been suggested to you? Unfortunately I am still on very powerful pain meds :(

It may be that they need to change your meds in order to bring you into remission.
Hi Ashley and welcome to the forum. If your current meds are not working for you, it might be time for a second opinion. I have been in a flare since last November, and finally got on Remicade, to see if that will beat it into submission. Did the steroids help at all? Unfortunately they are bad for you in the long run.
Thank you for all of your concerns! The steroids never helped at all for me also been on asacol as well and still never helped. I just moved from Missouri to Memphis, tn. I am looking for a new gastro here. I am trying to find a doctor that will actually listen to me. I know my body better than anyone, unfortunately the doctors beg to differ. When i end up going to the hospital all of my blood work looks normal but the inflammation.. Have any of you had this problem? I am beyond frustrated because it is hard to work a full time job, also with a 2 year old daughter, i find myself completely exhausted, no appetite. I am trying to find reviews for doctors in Memphis, but no luck. I at least want to have a eased mind when i go to a new gastro.