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Still not sure?

still not sure?

i had an endoscopy last week,and the report says..patchy erythema and oedema in duedeum bulb..
my colonoscopy previous to this they found erythematous and inflamed mucousa??
the biopsy's from the colonoscopy were normal??..and im waiting for the biopsy result from the endoscopy last week.
i was just worried as my pain is worse and the doctors have put me on tramadol..which works for the first 2 hours but after that the pain is back?

is there not a stronger pain killer i could take untill they actually find out whats wrong with me??
i ended up in A&E last tuesday it was so bad..
they gave me cocodamol but that makes me sleepy and constipated...
i dont want to keep phoning the doc..im worried he will think im over reacting??
hello, I'm so sorry that your in pain and that you are waiting around for results, that almost makes it more frightening.
I hated Tramadol as it made me very sick and your right! most pain killers will constipate you which in turn will make the pain a lot worse! Not helping at all!!!
The only thing that helped me was a warm/hot bath, I know it sounds stupid but it really allows you to relax all the tense bits. You'll still need your pain killers but it could help? I also had two hotwater bottles to hand for when i couldnt be swimming about in a bath.

If you have a valid question call your doc! Don't worry about what he/she thinks, your the important one here!

Chin up, it'll work out x
aww thankyou riacake
a warm bath sounds like a fab idea!!..i dont normally get time to lay in the bath or more than 10 mins as my 2 children burst in wanting to play or read a book!! heehee..but when they are asleep tonight i will take a long relaxing bath..
its horrid isnt it,i need the pain killers yet they have taken me from one extreme(the squitts) to another with the consipation!!..the doc has given me lactolose..but im a bit scared of drinking any..as i had a teeny tiny sip of some the other night and the belly noises went STEREO!!..and then i was squitting for 6 hours???...
yeah i will phoe the doc..i just think when he picks the phone, he rolls his eyes and thinks argh...here she goes again!! heehee...but hey ho...im keeping him in a job!!
thanks for listening!!!


Hi Starla

sorry you're going thro a bad un!
how about Codeine Phosphate? this is what I was given in hospital, and I take it with 2 paracetamol when the going gets tough, it combats the D, it's a strong painkiller but it can make you drowsy. It's stronger than co-codamol, it's on prescription only, so ask your doc

here's a link about it


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awww, bless you, well at least you can laugh about it, you'll need that to keep you going :) I always think laughing at it all it better than crying!!
I hope the bath helps, just lock the door put your ipod on and ignore the world for a bit! you deserve it!
As for the lactolose, it is the gentle option, however if you are very consipated and it gave you the squitters it might be worth making sure you don't have something called 'over-flow' which is basically what is says on the tin, you 'over-flow' around the harder poo but its not clearing you out. Lactolose draws all the water in your body to your bowel so that your poo can pass more easily so don't worry that its making noises, its okay. Remember to drink lots of water! This helps lots.
You can always as to talk to the nurse at your Docs. They might be a bit less dismissive? Plus a good nurse will know more about poo than the Doc!

Ria x