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Still worried to death and still undiagnosed after about three years but----

Hello everyone and anyone after about three years of not being fully diagnosed I have gone through some very bad things the past couple of weeks. The first of this month my stomach has gotten worse to the point I was hardly having any stool movement but every time I went it completely liquid and tarry and bloody. Then the next week it got worse it started with panic attacks and my doctor prescribed Prozac for me worse thing I ever did because first of all I have very bad adverse or side effects from anything with sertraline in it so I was told to stop the Prozac well then the panic attacks got worse and I went to the emergency room and there I waited and walked and waited and walked then all of a sudden I began getting dizzy and very weak and blacked out a few times then I tried to sit down the best I could and I felt seizures coming on and I blacked out again and thank goodness my wife was with me because when I blacked this time my wife said I fell and hit my head. So the nurses came and got me and put me in a wheelchair. Then they finally took me back to a room and hooked me up to a bunch a stuff and I am a pre-diabetic they checked my blood sugar and that was 96 when I usually stay at 140 or higher. Then as they was doing all of this I went through a major seizure as the hooked me to an IV to bring me down. After all that they prescribed me two medications Paroxetine and Lorazepam. Guess what after all that neither worked and I started everything all over again the panic attacks everything came from my stomach so I went back to the emergency room this time they did not do anything for me the doctor I seen thought everything was just a panic attack and it all was in my head so I told them to take the IV off of me and I told my wife lets go home they will not listen. So as I was fighting through all of this my wife has been taking care of me the best she could so she called my brother told him about everything and he called my mother and they decided to take me to our old family doctor who seen me and most of this I cannot remember but he checked me out and he finally diagnosed me with a stomach infection and because of all this I have not had a bowel movement so he prescribed to me an antibiotic Ciprofloxacn 500mg. for bowel movements Linzess, and he checked my prostrate because my father passed away from prostrate cancer and my prostrate is enlarged and have not been able to urinate either so he gave me Dyrenium 50mg. Ever since this I have been feeling so much better the panic attacks and seizures have gone down I have been having bowel movements again but here is where I am very concerned all of my bowels is complete liquid but what is worrying me the most it has all been dark algae green color is that what has been in my intestines all of this time and how serious is it? Any help and advice please! And if you guys have forgotten the reason I have not gotten a colonoscopy is because I can't afford insurance nor the colonoscopy. Another thing is maybe anyone knows because me and my wife has heard a while back with all this new health care reform coming we heard that people in their late 40's and over I am 48 and 49 next month but we heard that colonoscopies are deductible free and are able to get Medicaid if they cannot afford health insurance. My question is does anyone know and if so can they tell me something about this? I am so sorry this thing is so gosh dang it long but it has been a while.:confused2::depressed:
Hello again I really am worried and concerned about this can someone please post a reply soon, thanks.
Time for patience I,m afraid your in the right place,hospital,the meds will kick in soon hopefully,I,m prone to spells of every colour under the sun and being very loose for me it's a sign to increase meds for a while(gi knows).it,ll get better.good luck
Green stools just tells you that the transit time is fairy quick. Our stools darken as they transit down.
Hey Leah thanks for the reply but maybe you did not read my complete post completely I have gone through these problems for years, but thanks again.:smile:
Hey Leah I did not notice but I guess we are in the same club of not being diagnosed :lol2: but that's alright and thanks.
Sorry you've been sick so long.
I've been sick since 2010.. So I understand
Your frustration. I've been diagnosed .. Undignosed,
And now suggestive of crohns. It can be a
Long road. I hope you get some answers soon.
Have you had any tests ? Blood ect.
I understand the insurance issue. We lost ours
The month after I got out of the hospital.
You might want to look in to some free clinics
Or sliding scale. As for the color and liquid bm's.
Did they start after the antibiotics?
My dr told me black tarry looking, blood of course
Is never good. Just keep a journal of your
Symptoms ... And get copies of any tests you
Have done ct and such. It can be a time saver.
Once you get to the gi
Hi Ric. Actually, I do have a dx. I have microscopic Colitis ( 2 years now). It can only be diagnosed with biopsies taken during a colonoscopy. I'm on this forum ( and others) to learn more about all the IBDs because i am a certified nutrition specialist who who helps people figure out the right diet to help them heal :)
Leah great to hear your a rd.
Doesn't seem to be a lot around that
Specialize in ibd or the want $$$
:) great way to give back
I'm not an RD ( wish I was) I'm a certified personal trainer/nutrition specialist. I do charge for my services privately, but also like to help on these forums :)
I do a couple of people who do fine with it, but most of us just don't do well with any dairy. An inflamed gut doesn't do a good job of producing the enzymes that break down dairy… therefor, it ends up in the large intestine ( where it's not suppose to be) instead of being absorbed in the small intestine.
I do know one person who makes Keifer water and drinks it every day and she says it helps. However, if you have histamine problems, then anything fermented is not a good idea.
Interesting I saw it at the store. It said it
Was lactose free. I don't really do dairy
Doesn't sit well. Just heard a lot of good things
About it. Thanks for the info
I have had Crohns for 20+ years and your symptoms do not sound like Crohns, I am not familiar with Ulcerative Colitis so I have very little knowledge in that area. However there is now a blood test that is performed through Prometheus Labs and it tells if you have inflammatory bowel disease (Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis), the test is very expensive however it might be worth while for you to have it done. Best of Luck!!
Dairy has two main components: lactose and casein. Lactose is the sugar, casein is the protein. If you are intolerant to casein ( like many of us are), then something that is lactose free means nothing.