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Stimulants to combat severe chronic fatigue?

Anyone been put on adderall or methylpenidate or similar stimulants for treating their chronic fatigue that comes with intestinal disorders? I have a severe case.

I can barely function and I think I'd much rather be put on a low dose just to be able to function, stay employed and provide for my family.

Anyone out there can offer advice or experience regarding this form of treatment?

Lady Organic

Staff member
Interesting idea. Definitely worth a try in my opinion! You shall know pretty fast if these can help you. I think these drugs are effective right away (same day) as opposed to anti-depressants that can take weeks to produce an effect.
Well, it is definitely helping.
I take it on days where I need extra energy. I got it prescribed from my psychiatrist.
I would of course advice to try other ways to manage first. But for me this has been the only thing that has given me some energy back. Of course it can be addictive and probably not good in the long run.
But quality of life can be too low sometimes. So it is for those whom are willing to make the compromise.

I just take a low dose. So don't feel drugged up or anything. Just slightly more energy and able to concentrate.