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Stoma bleed

stoma bleed

I don't know if its just me but this last stoma the surgeon made for me ( my 3rd one in a different spot ) bleeds real easy with just the slightest touch. I have to be so careful when cleaning etc. Cause once it starts to bleed its hard to get it to stop. The other aromas I had weren't so sensitive. I wish there was some way to toughen up the skin?


You clearly havent beaten this one into submission yet!! Stan gets slapped daily. But honestly, he should be named Denis the Menace. Oh, and squished, many, many times a day. Are you being alpha to your stoma?

But really, that is a bit strange. How old is he again? Stan bleeds, but only when he's been hurt, or upset. Or squeezed too hard with a ring or something. Then theres the times he gets manhandled by a large dog or child. But no, bleeding on a regular basis is a bit strange. Stoma nurse question time?


Oscar bleeds easily as well. I just try to be gentle when giving him a bath and cleaning him up.
if i wipe izzy gently more than twice in the same spot she will bleed, and i don't know how hard i'm cleaning because i can't feel anything.
Mine does bleed a little bit, and my mucus fistula bleeds quite a bit to if i am too rough when i clean that. but it eventually just stops on its own. If i pat it and try and stop it with pressure i just make it worse.
The first stoma I had 8years ago became flat and got too restricted and small. This third one I have now I am not going to let that happen again. My doctor has me put my finger down in the stoma and stretch it around once in awhile. With a glove on of course. This always causes bleeding too. But it doesn't hurt. None of the bleeding hurts. I guess from what you all say the bleeding is somewhat normal for the stoma. As long as it keeps working. I shouldn't complain!
Complain away! Is it possible you could be flaring at the stoma site? My dad was having persistent bleeding there and that's what his GI thought it was. He's most likely going to have it moved to a more "tranquil" location.