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Stoma covers and clothing for ostomates

I thought that a thread for this would be useful because we often get people asking for suggestions but then the information gets lost in the general threads.

I was trawling the web and came across this site that has some interesting ideas and even instructions on how to make your own stoma covers.

This list of sources for appropriate products is from 2thFairy:


BTW, if you can think of a better Title for the Thread so that it's really easy to find, please suggest away...
Got this email today from Vanilla Blush:

"Ladies and Gentlemen look what has just arrived. A Dita Von Teese Burlesque inspired Knicker. They are totally sexy and super comfy. My personal best so far.

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Here is another thing, recommend a friend and when they make their first purchase we will give you a free pair of knickers or boxers.

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Happy to assist anyone over the phone 0141 763 0991 / 07988840286 info@vblush.com



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I was just about to create a new thread about knickers for mum and her ostomy. i will make sure she has these websites. 2th fairy, you're in texas and you know all about our pounds, pence and pants. great!

thanks so much.

p.s. i don't think mum wears her pouch to the groin. its straight down. is that right. she's had hers 40 years. and she is also in desperate need of a stoma nurse as its hidiously sore around the stoma. poor thing
I think that the way you wear your stoma bag/pouch is the way you feel most comfortable. I wear a deep convexity bag because I have a retracted stoma and they only come in large. If I wear it straight down it is uncomfortable, so I angle it outwards so that it sits on the top of my thigh.

Your mother definitely needs to see a stoma nurse as she shouldn't be suffering like that. Has she ever seen one? I don't know the system in the UK but here, in Australia, they are usually connected to the major hospitals. Terriernut might be able to help you with how to connect with a stoma nurse over there.


Yes, most of the NHS hospitals have stoma nurses. All you need do is ring and ask. You dont need a referral or anything. Some will come out to visit you, or you can make an appt to go in and see them.
I've been getting a rash from my stoma bag (where it's been a bit hot against my skin,) so my stoma nurse ordered me some cotton bag covers. They're prescription ones, so plain white and massive! So, I decided to make myself a properly fitting, pretty one 😃
I would make more in different fabrics, but I'm having Norman reversed in five weeks so there doesn't seem like much point.

Apologies for the bad photo! The bag cover isn't perfect, but not bad for a first try. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1358275604.652112.jpg

P.s. I followed the instructions on this website, although its not really that difficult! http://www.stomaatje.com/clothing.html#covers


Btw, thanks for the link to awesomy...I just ordered 2 t-shirts, the mama's got a brand new bag, and everybody poops somehow...lol Awesome!!!
I got my wrap on friday :) It fits me perfect!! I was worried being small that a small would not fit but it does :) yay! I like the little pouch at the bottom to support my bag.
Vanilla Blush has their naughty undies and some other stuff on sale for Valentine's Day.

"Hi all just to let you know that we are having a little sale for a limited time only

All our Crotchless underwear, and a few of our other items are all reduced to £10."

Great for colostomates who have stomas that have periods of time with little or no output. I like the idea of combining with some "body art" - could disguise scars, too. :thumright:
Like the thread guys,what im after is a stoma protector for going mountain biking but he UK stuff is PANTS!!!!

seen a couple in the US but over $100 for a peice of plastic is daylight robbery...might need to get my thinking cap on and try to make my own...
I'm new to having an ileostomy, I found that the waistband of just about everything sat right on my stoma, plus my surgery incision was sensitive.
Maternity leggings have been my saviour, I got mine from Mothercare, and found over the bump ones to be the most comfy, not tight enough to be restrictive, but able to keep my bag steady.
I got the ones that look like jeans, and am very happy with them.
I also found Tesco's own brand of Sloggi type knickers to be very comfy, the waist band sits just above my bag, and again, keeps everything snug and secure.
I got some pouch covers this week from Stoma Pouch Covers http://m.stomapouchcovers.com/Products.html, I ordered a waterproof one for in the shower, and three general wear ones.
The waterproof one is excellent for the price, just £5.95, is well made and fits most pouch sizes, I am very pleased with it, it kept my pouch mostly dry, it was just a tiny bit wet at the very bottom, a big improvement on my DIY tinfoil effort.
The three general wear ones were £12 for 3... Bargain !.
They are also well made, but don't have the elasticated hole, which is a shame.
They still fit fine though, up to a three inch flange hole, any bigger and you can have one custom made at no extra cost.
I got a PJ , a flesh and a cream lacy one, the PJ is by far my favourite, I've hardly had it off, lovely soft brushed flannel material, so comfy !, I'll certainly be buying more !.
They also do fancy ones that you " build" yourself, choosing a base colour and a top lace material , and there's a mini pouch for " bedroom acrobatics " :blush:.

P&P is very reasonable, even to the USA, it's only £4.95
I wear biker shorts to cover keep bag in place. They`re high wasted. Good with tight shirts not as visable when blows up. Keeps tight to stomach. I never used a wrap.
I've recently come across another option for ostomy pants/trousers for both men and woman, bouldering/ rock climbing pants.
They are incredibly comfortable, look for ones that have a harness friendly waist band, they have a wide soft stretchy band instead of a regular waist, much like maternity trousers.
My favourites so far are Arc'teryx, not cheap but very cool.


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Big baggy pants with suspenders work well for me. I'll buy jeans that are several sizes wider on the waist, heavy duty suspenders to hold the load up, I usually have a belt on to carry my belt knife when out in the bush and working on my bush lot. I wasn't about to give up rural living when I came home from the hospital back in 2001. A week after getting home from hospital I ordered in a 10 bush cord load of firewood in 8 foot lengths as I have done all my life.
Its been 16 years living in the rural life with the bag and life is not all that bad. Its about adapting to life with Crohn's and a colostomy. It was not easy and still is not, but I am not willing to give up my lifestyle to this scourge.

I am curious to know how many of you use underwear specifically designed for ostomies. If so, what do you like and/or dislike about them?


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I wear regular underwear, the rubber band goes just under the stoma and does not get in the way of the flange, it actually presses down on the glue pad helping to hold it in place. I buy pants that are a few sizes larger to accommodate the space needed for the colostomy bag, using suspenders to hold the belt above the bag.