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Stoma - output like thick stool?

I have just had surgery 2 weeks ago today and have a permanent ileostomy. I had one temporarily 16 years ago (I was 14 yo) and can remember parts of it but from memory the output quite often looked a bit like what had eaten. E.g. I remember eating a bag of chips and like thick potato like substance coming out.

Since I have had this stoma, every output has been light to dark brown, smells like stool and looks like thick or thin stool. Is that normal? Will this change with time?

Any help much appreciated.

Thanks - Luke
I am 14 months post ileostomy. no chance of rehooking up so I am stuck with this bag forever. I was told output should resemble green peas. It began that way, but has changed. this is because of your diet. I eat everything and sometime, I do see the green stuff flow. whatever you eat will effect that output. have you seen what chocolate does? it goes is same way as it comes out. I see a difference with output being solid and liquid depending on what I eat.. so I know its disgusting to think "ok I will eat this, let me see how it come out". but yea you may wanna take some notes on that. what u, will produce will comes out. and there are food to avoid which you will get to know what works and doesn't. as for the smell, u will get used to it and again its related to what food you eat. good luck and keep us posted..