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Stoma problems

hello everyone. I just had my ileostomy surgery in may2016. has anyone had any complications after surgery? everything seemed to be going fine besides my high output after. when I was discharged I was discharged with a picc line to give myself hydration and magnesium at home. my first picc line had gotten infected so I had to get another. seems that my veins do not like piccs at all. I now have deep vein thrombosis(DVT) in both arms. I've had a few obstructions after the surgery as well. had to go to ER get the NG tube and all that jazz. they seem to think that its scar tissue.

anyways after my first obstruction my stoma had shrunk again. just as it has after surgery and like that dr said it would. it was kind of lopsided and the OZ was off to the right. well after it shrunk a few weeks ago and the OZ has been at a 90 degree angle with my skin and developed a nice ulcer. the ostomy nurses and I have tried all pouching options barriers, seals, different wafer and even deep convexity wafers. you name it and it probably has been done. there were days where I had to change my wafer 3 times a day, but I had gotten changed everyday anyways. so the ulcer then turned into an abscess. last Friday I went in to see the ostomy nurse and surgeon and be numbed it and put a seton like drain in.( that was tons of fun). I am on antibiotics flagyl and Cipro. they are making me super nauseous. I am really pushing for a revision for my stoma because once I get off these antibiotics I have this feeling that everything is going to happen the same way again. stool is now passing through the drain because its right at the oz and draining out through my abdomen. how is that going to help the infection.? i'm just confused... has anyone else ever had this problem before???
Hi EmmaLou
Things have kind of settled down for me. I ended up going to mayo clinic in Rochester Minnesota and have had the best luck there. I got away from that dr at uofm that really didn't care. within a week a mayo I had my stoma revised and my output was down enough to get my piccline out of my arm. right now I am dealing with getting the right dose of immodium. they were having me crush the pills so that they would absorb better. between that and the Metamucil everything is working as it should. just really gassy from the Metamucil I believe. I am going to go get citracel today and see how that fares.
thank you for asking! it definitely has been a long road.
So I did get it revised in the 2nd of November and the stoma ended up doing the same thing and my abscess came back. Went out to Mayo Clinic and had surgery again December 2. They moved my ileostomy from my right to my left side and cut out tissue that was badly infected and dying. So I am left with an open wound to pack until it heals.

So I have a quick question. Anyone else have openabdomen wounds from ileostomies!? How much pain do you have with it.

I have a feeling this isn't my last surgery for my stoma. As the oz is right on the skin again and I'm having pouching issues. One day I will be normal
hello gshultz. good for you to go to mayo and get the best help you can. I know this thread is over a year old but you likely will get confirmation I replied. I to have DVT. You said you got it in yur arms? me, my legs. bad. had that silly octopus valve put in my leg, the I.V.F. filter. no sooner they do that I saw TV ads warning of impending doom associated to the filter. of course its from a law firm ad showing how they can help. It seems this filter falls a part in some people and they get a clot and die. nice huh? well, in your post u didn't mention how drs address the DVT?? are you on blood thinners? I am. over a year after two P.E.'s in my lungs. yep, I walked away for two embolisms. neat trick. anyhow, I am curious what they're doing for you about yur DVT. U hang in there keep chin up. it takes a small battle to win this war.