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Stoma Reversal

Hey all,

I've just received the happy news that after four months (well, five when the op comes around) I will be having Elvira (my stoma) removed and my bowels reconnected.

I had seven inches of Ileum removed and some small repair to the transverse Colon. My large Colon and rectum have all been left intact.

A few questions to people, if I may?

1. Is it worth doing pelvic floor exercises? I've heard these can assist with strengthening my muscles, to help bowel control post op.

2. What sort of diet is recommended leading up to and after surgery? Will it be similar to when I had the resection?

3. I had a period of Ileus lasting about four weeks after my last op, but that was open surgery and not laparoscopic . I am having laparoscopic this time, so I was hoping any Ileus would be reduced? Is it true the reversal recovery is much better than the initial operation?

Many thanks all, for your time.

I am having very similar surgery in two weeks. I also would like to hear folks experience on this.

Everything I have read seems like the recovery is not nearly as tough as the original resection. Which makes sense, since it isn't nearly as invasive and less healing points.

I am hoping(maybe false hope) that since I only had temporary ileostomy for 3 months that the bowel function will get back to normal fairly quickly.

I am just now getting used to having the bag and stoma, and all that goes with it, but will be pretty happy to get rid of it.

fuzzy butterfly

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Hi there . I did no particular pre op diet . Just told not to eat x hours b4 the op n no drink x hrs b4. Yes the recovery is easier n quicker on the reversal. I did pelvic floor exercise leading up to op ,i think it helped my with control, not that you can have much of that for a few mths usualy. I had my stoma 11mths and im under the impression that the less time you have one the less time the bowel has to get lazy. So you may have better control if you have one for a shorter time period.
Best wishes and hope all goes well for you both 💕💕
Hey Fuzzy (did you just change your username, recently?),

Many thanks for the advice. I've started taking multi vitamins and reduced the bad in my diet, to keep things nice and healthy and put less pressure on the guts.

Like kdp, I've only had my stoma for a short period of time. I also have all of my large colon, so I'm still going to the toilet every now and again to pass the mucus in there. I'm hoping because it's still active it'll pick up the slack, once reconnected.

It might sound sad, bad I'm really looking forward to little things like Taking and bath and laying flat on my stomach again, without fear of a crapsplosion. :)

fuzzy butterfly

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Hi scroome ye I have changed my username today. I thought I would have a change...
Oh yeah I loved my first bath without the bag, heaven...
Ye I occasionally passed stuff from the back passage, n felt I did pretty well after the reversal. Urgency slows down with time n I can hold on for quite a while most times, odd times I have to run to the loo 😕
Hope it goes smoothly for you. Best wishes n good luck. 💕

fuzzy butterfly

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Got my letter through this morning. I'm booked in for reversal on the 12th March Wahoo! :)
Woo hoo that is great news, I hope it all goes well and very smoothly for you.. So pleased you have finally got a date Scroome.. :hug::kiss: