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Stoma sports guards

Anyone use any of the available stoma guards,I do a lot of moutain biking and im thinking of buying a guard to give me peace of mind when out on the trails in case i have an off and do any damage or even just a bag split.I have seen one buts its from the states and its quite dear for what your getting,basically a small peice of plastic,neoprene with a wee groove in it to keep away from the stoma,


I just bought one from Stomaplex and am loving it so far. JennaRae, another ostomate here, also has one and has made a testimonial on the company's website. This is what I have from Stomaplex:


and here is the short video from JennaRae:


I bought the StomaStifler first http://www.stomastifler.com/order-stoma-products.php, which is lightweight and does what is says, but it doesn't allow the output to drop into the bottom of the bag without manually lifting the guard from time to time. I also don't like that you must tape one end of the gear to your skin to secure it, along with a thin elastic belt. The Stomaplex guard is held on by a wider, more comfortable belt and no extra tape to hold it secure.

There is also Ostomy Armor http://www.ostomyarmor.com, which I know nothing about other than I have this link.
thanks 2thFairy.the 2 links you have given me i have seen,and they both look ideal,just a pity we have nothing like them in the UK.will look into them further,


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Hi. I got one years ago for hockey and softball. I think I got it from holster.
I use a comfizz level 3 support band with a stoma protector.

It's pretty heavy duty but I got one when I started playing football for peace of mind and it does a good job.

It's available for free if your in the UK from you're supplier.



You have to buy both things seperately so i think its called a level 3 support band and then the stoma protector.

The band is about 50 quid to buy and the plastic guard is £10 but like I say I'd ask your supplier because you should be able to get it for free.


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@DJW dont suppose you have a link to where you bought your guard??
I didn't buy mine online. I got it from the place I used to get my ostomy supplies. You could also call the manufacturer directly and see what they have.
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It's very similar to that yes, It's basically a white piece of curved strong plastic that has velcro on it , the velcro sticks to the waistband over the hole for the bag if that makes sense.

Mines really good and like I say it should be free if you're in the uk if you order it through your supplier.
Cheers robbo87 i filled in the prescription thing on their webpage to see if i can get any of the stuff free....if not i dont mind paying actually as it would give a lot more peace of mind out on my bike.
Cheers for the link as all the other stuff i seen was Kack.....
Who do you get your usual stoma supplies from? If you speak to them they should be able to sort it for you. I'm with fittleworths and I just added the guard and wasitband thing to my usual order and it came with my order.
ah nice one,thats who i use too.was it on their website or was it a special request??I'll have a look or give them a fone
I ordered online but I can't remember what the item codes are, If you look on the comfizz website they might have the codes in the item description, But i'm sure if you email or speak to someone on the phone with fittleworths they'd be able to point you in the right direction.
aye mate,managed to order online sojust a waiting game now to see if it comes,asking for a prescription from my GP..