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Stomach bug? Or something else?

Hi there!

So I've been on Prednisone since October, and I've been on 5mg for a long time now.

Everything has been going well, except yesterday I had terrible stomach pains and diarrhoea (sorry).

Anyway, I thought I was better today, but after eating a cup-a-soup it went straight through me like crazy :( I've also got stomach pains.

Is it possible it's just a stomach bug? :/ because I really don't want it to be another flare up - but it shouldn't be a flare up if I'm on Prednisone, right?
Did you eat something that could have possibly set off the symptoms? Try liquids for a bit to let your digestive tract rest. Of course if you get worse contact your dr. You could have a stomach bug, could be Crohn's, or could just be having a couple of bad days. Hope you feel better soon.


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We are certainly prone to the common gastrointestinal issues everyone else is.
If it gets really bad or there is no improvement in 24 hours call the doctor.

Hopefully it's nothing.
5mg is a very low dosage for prednisone when used for Crohn's. Is it some maintainance dose you are taking or a part of a slow taper ?

Are you on any "real" maintainance drugs ?

It could or could not be a flare. Try to slow down for a few days and see how you are doing. If it does not get better contact your doctor.