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I have an ostomy (ileostomy) and now looking for a belt.
the stoma plex is very expensive and wanted to know if you guys tried it.
is it comfortable? prevent leaks?

Thank you :)
Stealth belts are fantastic, but if you need HARD protection, the stomaplex and Ostomy Armor guards are best. Those two offer protection, but the stealty belt offers concealment and comfort.
If price is a concern, as it is for many of us, you might want to look at the Cool Comfort belt that Nu Hope puts out. It's made of breathable elastic material with velcro to adjust the fit. You pull the pouch through the sturdy opening, and it fits snug against the flange, holding it in place. My husband likes it so much we ordered 2 of them. With some careful shopping around, you can find them for as low as 40.00 each.

I had used hernia belts (specifically made for people with an ostomy) for a week, but, in my experience, they'd always pulled off the stoma wafer, it was very annoying and I stopped using them.

Nowadays, I want to buy a stoma guard belt (like stomaplex/Ostomy Armour) but I'm not sure if I will experience the same issue or not?

What's been your experience with these belts regarding this issue?

Thanks in advance.