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Stop Coughing on Me, I can't afford a Coffin.

Bonjour or Good Morning,
I'm fed up with people, 99%of whom are men who think it's o.k not to wear a mask and to cough all over the place. It must be a macho thing. I 've even been told by a stupid delivery man that I didn't need to wear one even though I have asthma and would become extremely ill if I caught Covid. I don't have an issue with the vaccine and I get the flu jab every year. Flu kills people every winter.
The vaccine doesn't give you the live virus, it is a dead version which still produces anti bodies. You won't grow fangs or bat wings. You won't froth at the mouth.
Anyway, I can't afford a coffin so I would need to be turned into ash like my darling cat who died last year. A pet cemetery would be my first choice.