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Strange Humira....

Been on Humira for about 2 years and it has been an absolute live saver. No side effects whatsoever. Its been fantastic.

Just recently however I have began feeling very nauseous along with a light-headed, almost swimming feeling. Like being in a washing machine/hung over.
There is no relation to when I have my injection and when I feel like this, its totally random.
Now it might be something completely unrelated, maybe a bug from the kids or something but thought I would see what you guys think.

Thanks as always

I'm only on my second shot so far, but I've noticed a slight tingling in my tongue for about an hour after the shot, but also nausea a day later, and generally a dull ache in my abdomen that's not specific. Then again, it could just be the disease and not the humira. I'd just write down your symptoms, when they come, and when you take a shot. Over time you may see a trend. :)