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Strange lump

Hi all

Tonight I’ve noticed a small red lump on my right buttock (sorry if tmi, but I feel way past that these days ha ha!)

It’s really hard to explain, but the closest thing I could liken it to is a medium sized wart, but like a fleshy red colour. It’s not a scab and doesn’t have a ‘head’ as such so I can’t pick it off, however it bleeds very easily. It is literally like a rounded bit of flesh that’s popped out [emoji848]

It’s not painful so I’m inclined to think it’s not a small boil or anything like that. It may not be Crohn’s related at all, but it seems it could be a good place to start given its location.

I’ve been having trouble with my skin recently namely eczema flaring up and itchy red rashes all over my arms and shoulders that don’t respond to steroid creams. I think that could be viral as I’m very run down and I’ve been ill almost constantly for 2 months now. That being said this thing on my backside doesn’t seem dry or itchy, or anything like any other skin condition I’ve ever experienced.

Any ideas? I’m not inclined to go and get it looked at unless it gets worse as I would feel silly given the size of the thing.

Thanks in advance!
Thank you both for the replies. I’ve had a look into both suggestions and it definitely looks and behaves like a cherry angioma. It doesn’t seem like anything to worry about if that’s the case but I will mention it at my next appointment just to check.

Thanks again