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Strange results sort of...

I had some results back that I think my doctor is a little confused about. I went to hospital with some problems that ended up being blood related (very thin blood and enimic). It turned out to be vitamin A,E D and K deficiency that lead to very thin blood and also the blood not staying stable when it was made. So after transfusions and vitamin injections I have had more tests. The results are:

Hb is normal now
Albumin 34
Faecal cal 486
Faecal elastase 15
Coeliac serology (boderline of normal/abnormal)
Bowel permeability test (ok)
Vitamins D Very low
vitamin A and E Low

Thus I am seeing him on thursday to discuss this all. Scared my Crohn's has developed into somthing else. However I have not been able to tolerate fats since I was 16 (24 years ago).
Well after months of non stop D I have tried gluten free from yesterday and it stopped the tap. Tummy is so much more normal. Will give an update tommorrow after appointment.