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Strange thing going on with my mouth.

I was wondering if anyone could help me please. Recently I'be been finding that any food I eat tastes either very salty or very sweet and for the last couple of days food burns my mouth. This only happens when I eat and the rest of the time my mouth just feels normal. A couple of times I noticed the skin coming off the inside of my lips. I've no pain or ulcers and can't see anything different. Do you think this is connected to IBD or just a coincidence.


If you don't see any ulceration it's probably not related and changes in taste and texture could be the result of medications or potentially a viral/bacterial infection.


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I think it can be IBD related. There could be ulcers that you can't see. It wouldn't hurt to get in contact with your GI just to be safe


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In addition to what has already been mentioned, I'd like to add that it may be due to a vitamin deficiency, so get some bloodwork done if you haven't had any recently. I apparently had a vitamin B6 and/or vit B12 deficiency which made my lips go alternately numb & painful, and the skin would peel off of them. When I started supplementing with B vitamins, my lips went back to normal. You mentioned peeling lips so I would definitely encourage you to get your vitamin levels checked! Hopefully it's just something minor and easily treated like that.
Thank you all I really can't say how much I appreciate your replies. I'm waiting for an appointment with my Dr but as it's the good old NHS I will have to wait a while, but your replies have really helped.


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Regular doctor or specialist? If you can be seen sooner by a regular doctor then you could have them order blood work to check for vitamin deficiencies in the meantime. :)
I see my gp next week so well ask him about it. I've been waiting since July for an appointment with my specialist after having a red flag referral to him, sadly the hospital I attend didn't have any gastro cover for a long time so people are having to wait many months for help and I have to say I'm really pissed off about it. I'm just so glad that these last few weeks my symptoms have eased.