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Stress has set things off



stress has set things off

Having a tough day. So I am in bed recovering from a tough 24 hours. I found out my aunt died yesterday just as I was leaving work. It was sudden and hit me like a ton of bricks. I have an hour long commute so by the time I got home my stomach was in knots and I spent the rest of the night in the bathroom. It is evaluation time at the office and I had to give my report about my staff members as well as discuss my performance. The whole thing turned out great but the stress leading up to the meeting did a number on me. I spent the rest of the afternoon in the bathroom at work. To add to all of this, I ate some things I shouldn't have this weekend since it was my daughter's birthday. I threw a bbq party, we had ice cream cake, plus I took her to the circus the other day and had some popcorn.

I am forcing myself to sit in bed all night so I can get through the weekend. I have to work extended hours this weekend plus the drive to the wake and funeral is 100 miles each way. I wish I could get to sleep but my mind is racing and my stomach is growling from hunger. I am afraid to eat anything because I am in so much pain plus I am too exhausted to prepare anything that I SHOULD be eating. I wish I had some broth on hand. I used up all the good broth a few weeks ago.


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Dealing with stress is a challenge... even if one is healthy. Factor in serios illness, and it all is magnified. But, there are things one can do. The hard part is starting. I dunno why, but often when one is in a stressful situation, we simply try to ignore it.

First, sleep can be so beneficial.. yet a racing mind can seem insurmountable. I used to have that problem. I found that using an old alarm clock, focusing on the sound it made, almost a form of self hynosis, works for me. The trick is to focus on that tick tock, nothing else. don't let your mind slip back to all of those thoughts it wants to.. If you make it the only thing your mind focuses on, this trick will work.

I don't like taking pills, never did. But the occasional sleeping pill works in a pinch.
Or sleepy time tea (altho I'm not crazy over the taste).. Found that a hot bath is good... if part of the problem is physical tension. OK, so you ate some stuff that you shouldn't, and you'll probably pay the price. But, I'm sure you've 'cheated' on your diet before (we ALL have), paid the price, then promise NEVER to do it again.
So, don't sweat that part. You know the right thing to do... the only thing to do. You NEED to take care of yourself.. A small, sensible, safe snack should be at the top of your to do list. Failing to put yourself first for a change isn't going to make anything better. I'm sorry about your loss, my deepest condolences to you and your family. My illness followed the loss of my father.. think it was stress related.
Venting on here helps with stress, getting proper rest, eating sensibly, relaxing.. But, you already know all of this... You just have to 'reset' your usual priorities and see that doing these essential things at times just like this become Job Number 1.

Bear in mind that there are people in your life who depend on you, need you to be around... self sacrifice sounds so noble, but it isn't altruistic, it is simply misguided.
Ask yourself... what if it were your daughter commuting to your funeral or wake? Is the thought of that degree of 'self sacrifice' enuff of a wakeup call to put you first?

Final thought... but this is usually more of a male complication, women are not so prone to this.. But they say 'pride goeth before the fall'. Sounds like you really got a lot on your plate at the moment. Don't be shy, ask for help from whoever can offer. If you feel indebted by this, good. Practice a random act of kindness and you've cleared your debt. It REALLY is as simple as this. Trust one who knows

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Hang in there. We are all thinking of you. Rest as much as you can and try to convince your body not to respond to the stress. It CAN work to be able to convince your body to relax and not feel the emotional stress.