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So tomorrow I'm suppose to go to my son's
School to sign a consent for screening.
He failed all normal screening for pre-k.
Plus meet with the dr's screening him.
So many thoughts running through my head
And I'm worried that my stomach will act up.
Mornings are very hard for me. Lots of urgent!
Trips to the bathroom. Just really low energy
I usually stay at home to avoid accidents.
I had a few close calls at a clients home
Last week. It was so embarrassing just
Sit here with this bleach on your head
While I run to the bathroom again.. For once
I just wanna be able to give my full attention
To something. With out worring about if there's a bathroom
Near by...

Cross-stitch gal

Staff member
I hope all goes well for you tomorrow. Yes, it's very frusterating when you want to do something beyond your house and you just don't feel good. I've been there more than once. Sending hugs your way. :hug: