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hey everyone!

Was just wondering if someone could help me with a few things. I've been getting really bad joint pain, fatigue and dizziness recently. It's affecting getting up in the morning and during work. I was just wondering if there is anything you can take to help these symptoms? :s I'm also really worried about my exams at uni :( They're next month and i've been really sick recently and both are in the morning for 3 hours when I'm at my worst :( not good!

kirsty x
Hey Kirstyn,

Have you tried multivitamins/iron tablets? I have recently started taking them and I think my brian likes them as it helps in the morning (psycological I suppose) what about your diet? Some things you eat can make you feel sluggish and yukky. Stress is such a huge factor in crohns etc so perhaps some meditation or start a hobby that helps you relax?
hey suzi86 :)

thank you! ill give some vitamins a try and i'm thinking of going to a specialist about my diet because some foods do make me worse :/

thanks for your help! :)