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Stressing... Big time.

Hey guys and gals, long time no see! I had been doing well with my crohn's and have subsequently met the love of my life. I'm now 22 years old and I have a little one on the way. I'm fifteen weeks pregnant and I'm stressed. I have a paper due on the 30th, finals, work, and I'm majorly stressed about the baby getting everything it needs. My crohn's has worsened since the pregnancy and so it's hard to get everything done. I just started a 40 mg taper of prednisone - something I really didn't want to do but felt it was more important to try to get me better so I can absorb more nutrients for my baby. Has anyone else go e through this? I'm also out of my pain meds until Tuesday so I'm in immense pain. I can feel the inflammation when food passes through my small and large infestines so it makes it hard to want to eat but I still try for my baby's sake. The father is presently away in survival training but will be returning late next week. Any advice or help in terms of how to deal with the pain and just a tough pregnancy in general?
I don't suffer myself from Crohns, but I have been pregnant ;)

DD did well with Enteral nutrition-maybe if you can stomach some shakes (she did peptamen jr-not sure what there is for adults!). They gave her needed nutrients, and because they were elemental she had less pain digesting them.

DD does chiropractic for pain with fairly good results- (at any rate it relieves her headaches and back pain, and the chiropractor tells me her back is out right where the nerves for her colon exit), and I used to get monthly massages-not only did they feel fabulous, they relieved pain and de-stressed me long term.

Wishing you a healthy pregnancy!


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First, congratulations on meeting your love AND for the little one on the way. My little one is about to turn one :)

I was going to say what izzi'smom said so I'll just echo her. ENTERAL NUTRITION. Not only will they help Ensure (heheh) that your little one gets the needed nutrients while she develops, it can greatly help with your disease state.

All my best to you and your whole family!