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Stricture, Poor Diet, Healthy Ideas?


I'll try to keep this brief. Had a nightmare last couple of years with Crohn's. Back at site of old surgery I had 10 years ago. On Humira (Infliximab did nothing) also Azathioprine. Gradually (taking ages) to have some effect. I have a stricture to complicate matters. I'm on a really restricted diet and have been for nearly a year now. Literally every time I try to eat anything remotely healthy (fruit, veg, wholegrain...) Become fatigued, unwell, sick, feel really generally unwell etc. I'm assuming the inflammation is better (given amount and duration of drugs I'm on) and so my questions are:

1) is the stricture really going to be causing those issues??
2) Anyone in similar position now/in past have any healthy diet tips that won't cause issues with stricture? I've tried shakes but so conscious of my zero fruit veg intake and all I keep seeing/hearing is they are linked to longevity, health, etc etc!

I had considered smoothies but seemed to make me worse as trying to reduce Sugar as much as possible.

Apologies as tried to keep it concise but as you can see failed miserably!!
Veggie and Fruit that contain much fiber are difficult to digest for Crohns patients. I have found that to be true for myself. Friends and coworkers say you need to eat healthy. They don't understand that low fiber is an absolute must in my case.
I survive on tuna fish salad with mayo on crackers- no fruit or veg except cooked to wilting. TERRIBLE diet but it works.


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Chew food well, and eat a low residue diet. Rice is a good option, juices, and meats in moderation. Chew well don't swallow chunks of anything as these get caught in the stricture and will cause pain and possibly vomiting. Peel fruit, and avoid anything with seeds. Swallowing seeds means pain. Eat smaller portions to allow for digestion without overloading your system. Avoid foods that create gas, and keep well hydrated.
Cheers guys. I'll give those tips a try. Especially the chewing thoroughly as I am very lazy when it comes to that and hadn't considered that before. So annoying as when I could eat anything craved unhealthy foods, now I can basically live off rubbish I would do anything for some fresh fruit, salad, beans on toast! So ridiculous!!
I can also recommend soups. That's pretty much my only way to get some veggies. Easy to make; stock cube (or bone broth), water, courgette or parsnip (or whatever veg you like that isn't too fibrous), a potato (thickens the soup so it feels like you're eating something) and a clove of garlic if that agrees with you. Boil for about 20 minutes and blend to smooth. If you can handle dairy a slosh of cream to finish, if not it's still nice and it feels healthy and makes a nice change from sweet stuff or junk food. I make a big pot and freeze in portions.