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Stricture- there must be a way to tell if it's inflammation or fibrosis??


I'm newly diagnosed- I've posted 2 other threads also.
I have a small intestine stricture. I've been offered either meds- azathioprine escalating to biologics if needed or a bowel resection. I've been told if the meds will only work if the stricture is due to inflammation, if it's fibrosis then surgery definitely needed. Consultant, surgeon and IBD nurse have all said that the only way to tell which it is is to either try meds- if they work it is inflammatory, if not it's fibrosis. Is this really correct? Is there really no way to tell which it is?! I don't want to have surgery only to then be told it was inflammation and meds may have worked! Likewise I don't want to postpone surgery if it's fibrosis and the meds will never work.

I'm in the UK. I'm so confused with options and don't know what to do. I'm desperate to avoid making the wrong decision.

Thank you


Staff member
One way is to take the Meds as prescribed it seems a good start and then go from there
Your doctors will no doubt be used to these conditions and it’s good to see if it works before resorting to surgery.Worth a try I would think.
All these situations can be confusing to us and this is where patient trust enters the picture..
feel better soon