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Stricture worsening or remission

Hi all,
I'm starting to wonder if my stricture is getting worse. I have it from my first resection 16 yrs ago. Lately my bowels are SLOW and this has NEVER happened. I will have one sluggish, nearly C bowel movement a day followed by 1 -3 D. I've even gained weight. I hesitate to say it's remission because my stricture site is sore, sometimes throbs with pain, I'm ALWAYS bloated (look 7 months pregnant).
2 months ago it was a different story, first GI bleed ever in 17 years, and just not well.
Could this be the elusive "remission"? Or my stricture speaking?
Forgot to mention that a month ago I ate a salad and definitely had partial blockage based on the pain that occurred.


When have you last had a scope or imaging? The fact that you have pain and look pregnant is concerning and sounds like your stricture might be tighter. Are you on any meds to try to open it or do they think its scar tissue that won't respond to therapy alone?
Thanks for your reply!
My last scope was in October, had ulcerations but as usual, he couldn't get scope past my stricture. I'm on Cimzia and doing "ok". He thinks it's scar tissue but reminds me that they really can't be 100% positive. I tend to think it is scar tissue from previous resection. I've just noticed a change. Sometimes I can cheat and have a salad...yes, I'll pay for it later with trips to the bathroom but the last salad I had left me moaning in severe pain, until the partial blockage passed. Have been avoiding fiber since.
Bowel habits seems abnormal for me and having had this disease for so long, I don't remember what "normal" is in the real world lol. But I don't think it's the "constipated diarrhea" I've been dealing with! :)


Well if your scope showed ulceration than I would say you definitely are no longer in remission. Your stricture could also be a combo of scar and a layer of inflammation. Hopefully the Cimzia is targeting that inflammation but if you are getting worse it may not be cutting it. I would be careful with any fiber since you definitely don't want an emergency obstruction.
Good point about the ulcerations/inflammation. GI wants me to add AZA to the mix but I had him put me on a short course of Entocort and since then have been having this issue.I have an appt with him in 2 weeks but don't really know if there's a solution other than be careful what I eat, although I'm already doing that! lol. ah, the confusion of all things Crohns ;)


Entocort is generally fast acting but it depends on where your stricture is located to determine if it could be effective and of course won't be if its scarring. With scar tissue the only solution is surgery :(
Maybe you should consult with your DR to replace the entocort with pred.
Not for a long run, just a short but strong course; the pred is stronger and more systematic.
This is sometimes called "steroid testing" - if you feel better within ~2 weeks than your probably got some layer of inflammation that the prednisone managed to target.

Hope you feel well again soon.