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Strictureplasty operation failed?

In September 2012 I had a a strictureplasty operation to fix a stricture in my small bowel (ileum) that was caused initially by scar tissue from a previous bowel resection.

Around December similar symptoms I was experiencing before the surgery returned. Mainly lower right sided abdominal pain. During the surgery the doctors said there was no sign of any active crohns at all.

Is it possible that the strictureplasty operation didn't work properly or the are of small bowel has collapsed or something again?

Has anyone ever experienced something similar? The other option is that it's a crohns flare and I'm having and MRI and colonoscopy within the next couple of weeks.
Hi Luke,

Have you had any blood tests recently? It might be worth getting a CRP and ESR test done to see if there's any inflammation going on before you have the MRI and colonoscopy.

I've not heard of a strictureplasty collapsing or failing but it's not something I know a lot about so it may be possible...I wonder if the problem might be an adhesion after the surgery?

Thanks Sarah. Yeh had bloods done last week and till awaiting results. Had colonoscopy on Saturday and there was no sign of inflammation in the ileum (site of my crohns) but I'm still in pain daily and diarrhea most days which is strange. Therefore I think it's looking like maybe adhesions or some other sort of post surgery complication. Surgeon mentioned a few months back my small bowel sticking to abdominal wall due to scar tissue? But he said this would only cause minimal discomfort.

MRI next Tuesday so hopefully that will be more conclusive / helpful
That's great that there's no visible inflammation, presumably they took some biopsies too?

I think adhesions can actually be quite painful, I'm not sure if they can cause diarrhea but they can definitely cause pain. I guess the extent of the pain depends what, where and how things are stuck together. Hopefully the MRI will give a better picture, it's good that there's no inflammation but must be frustrating not knowing the cause of your symptoms.