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Strictureplasty question

I have a stricture in my large intestine...just about a foot in. Meeting with doctor on Tuesday but trying to remember why he said I couldn't just have strictureplasty.been trying to read up on it but all articles reference small intestines. My entire colon is diseased and told resection of strictured area not an option. I'm Not sure I'm ready to have entire colon and rectum removed. I feel ok most of the time and really no pain...but if. They can't get through with colonoscopies to do biopsies I don't want them to find colon cancer when they do my autopsy! Anyone have similar story with a good outcome?
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Ok found out it isn't done on large intestines. Just won't work...but good news is that GI says we might be able to do resection instead of entire colon out. I was told before that wasn't an option for me! Meeting with surgeon next week! Keeping fingers crossed! We shall see...


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Hey spingirl

I'm sorry I don't have any advice on your original question, I just wanted to offer dome support and bump your thread up a little in the hope that someone with more experience will see it and respond.

I have had a resection quite recently though, so if you have any questions about that then feel free to ask :) . I hope the meeting with the surgeon goes well!
Well that was very nice of you - thank you!

Yes, I would love to pick your brain about large bowel resections.

I am not nearly as worried about the surgery as I am about the prep I might have to do. Haven't met with Dr. yet and I am already wigging out. I know with my colonoscopies I always have a really hard time with the prep. I use the Miralax one and I always end up puking and not even finishing it. I figure the GI doctors never complain they don't get good films so they must do something. However, with this - I am reading if you are not cleaned out really well its really dangerous...so I am nervous. Wish there was a better way. I may just not eat for 2 weeks!

Other concern is that they will stick tube down my nose or down my throat. I don't care when I am asleep but don't want it when I wake up. My mother had one and she said it was terrible and refused to do it again. For other issues. I'm just all nerved up!!!

So do you still want to chat? Or have I scared you off? Yes I am a nutcase. Well...no I can't have nuts...make that a fruit loop :) take care and thanks again!


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I understand your concerns about the clean out, I was really worried about this too. I have never got on with the preps, they always give me horrible cramps and some make me vomit . With my surgery, I was admitted the day before, and I was given an enema the night before and then early morning of the day of the operation, these still cramped me up, but the nurse was lovely and got the on call doctor to sign me off for some tramadol. At least with those you can't throw them back up.

Some doctors don't request any prep, there are a few members here that have undergone resections without preps and they haven't had any problems with infections or delayed healing so try not to let that worry you too much, if your surgeon is comfortable not using a prep then it means that they think it is safe enough.

While your asleep, you will have a tube in your throat to help you breathe, but this will be taken out before you wake up, you'll have a bit of a sore throat but this soon goes. Not everyone has an ng tube, it depends on the type of resection and the doctors preference, but I didn't need one. I was also nervous of having a catheter, but they put it in when I was asleep and I didn't even notice it when I woke up, it really wasn't as bad as I thought it might be.

We don't scare easily here ;) . Feel free to ask anything you need.
Oh - I would LOVE an enema vs. drinking that drink! I will have to discuss with Dr. Yes, I have had 2 C-Sections so the catheter doesn't worry me if they put it in when I am asleep and the sore throat I can deal with. I had that after my endoscopy...you have calmed my nerves a bit! Thank you!!!

I am told its a pretty long stricture and its near the beginning going up (bum end)...I think he said he could only go a foot or so up. I don't know what long is...but I am just thankful I may not need to have entire colon out. Still not sure of that though...keeping my fingers crossed. I wish I could get an appointment earlier...this waiting until mid November to find out more details is torture! I am better off just getting on with it...I think...vs. worrying...

I go to bathroom with urgency now but I am wondering if its because the bottom end fills up quickly...I wonder if removing stricture will actually help me with continence. When I see a poop that is a bit thicker - I thought that meant strictured area wasn't as inflamed and that was good but Dr. said that didn't matter...I can't see how it wouldn't...but I don't believe him.

How long has it been since your resection? I wish I could see your posts when I type...you may have already told me this. How do you feel?

I am just glad I didn't listen t my other doctor...now seems better with treatments being available. I guess medicine changes every day. Or do they even really know what they are doing...I wonder sometimes...


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Yea I found it much easier, it was quick and simple and it only took about an hour to get out of my system each time.. much better than being up all night!

Take a look around the surgery section, you might find some others with the same area of inflammation, try not to think of the worst outcomes yet though :) .

Some people experience a greater urgency in the week's after surgery, but for most this calms down after a few months. A reduction in inflammation may cause a thicker stool, or it could be what you are eating.. Have you ever tried keeping a food diary?

It's been just under 4 month's, and in that time I've put on over a stone in weight (I was severely underweight). It's the first time in 6/7 years my weight has stayed the same for more than a week or so. My scar is still a little tender, but it's healed pretty well and I can eat pretty much what I want. I have joint pain a lot, but we don't think it's related to a flare.

To see what I've typed when your typing, just use the 'quote' function, it will come up in your post and then you can just delete the quote if you want.

I know the feeling.. For ages I was told there was nothing wrong with me. But we know our bodies, crohns is tricky, so always trust yourself if you think something isn't right!
How long is the recovery without any complications for strictureplasty surgery? Having it done and just wondering ...