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Strictureplasty recovery time?


Hello all!

After a second partial obstruction that landed me in the hospital, it's starting to look like a strictureplasty may be in my future. Currently undergoing some more testing first (capsule endoscopy next week!), but it looks like there is a specific point that is narrowed in the small bowel, but without visible inflammation. Looks like a strictureplasty may end up being the way to go.

With that said, I'm trying to plan my summer -- work obligations, family obligations, etc. etc. etc. -- and what impact a planned laparoscopic surgery will have. I know that there will be at least a few days/possibly a week in the hospital following the surgery, but beyond that, what sort of time frame do you think I'll be looking at? Does anyone out there have any experiences they want to share? I'm mostly curious about how long folks were housebound/unable to work, how long they were restricted from lifting stuff, diet restrictions, and so on. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks y'all. :D
Hope the strictureplasty will work out well for you! I had a laproscopic ileocecal resection 5 weeks ago, and after 3 weeks I felt almost completely the best healthy version of myself again :) Unfortunately I had a small complication (subobstruction due to my bowels not passing all the food properly, but they cured it through a nasogastric tube so nothing serious) but when they fixed that I could eat whatever I wanted and I was able to quickly start moving around and doing some small stuff in the house like doing the dishes etc. If I were you I would absolutely ask someone else to do the more heavy stuff, but after a week I could already do a little shopping (don’t lift anything over 4/5 kg!!) and take a little bit care of myself. If you start to move around quickly after surgery it also helps a lot, your bowels wake up earlier in order to get the system work.

If I hadn’t had the complication I think I would be better even sooner, and I find this timeframe really comforting. I already started working after 3,5 weeks and after 2/3 weeks I also could eat anything I wanted. In the Netherlands they especially recommend to start eating solid food whenever you feel like it, I would definetely recommend starting with small portions and build it op but you can trust that if the surgery succeeded you will be feeling better before you know it. I can honestly say that after 3 weeks (including complication) I felt quite great. Good luck!!