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Just wanted to hear from anyone who has a stricture in the ielium (sp) how long theirs is. Please only if you know you have one and the length - thanks and I wish everyone a flare free day!!!

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I had 6 inches first surgery, and more the second but the rope-a-dope surgeon didnt tell me how much. All in total approx 2ft taken out.
I have a 6 inch stricture in my terminal ileum. Right now trying Humira to see if some of the narrowing was inflammation that may go down with treatment... if not, it is permanent scarring and my doc said I should consider surgery.
My Mother-in-law is trying to avoid her third surgery. She has a restriction of 6" that is deemed a little too long for Balloon Dilation.

Have you discussed Dilation, and Strictureplasty with your surgeon as alternatives to a resection?
CrohnieCarolyn said:
Thanks gang - Just wondering if I should have mine taken out -
Would be VERY interested to find out what you choose to do here as I have today been told I have a stricture too, in the same kind of area. I don't know how long but I expect to find out soon.

Please, please keep us posted :thumleft: