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Stricturoplasty Stories/Reviews/Results

stricturoplasty Stories/Reviews/Results

Hi everyone,

I have been dx with Crohn's Disease for 6 years. I have tried everything from Pentasa - to 6mp. I have been on 6mp for the longest and nothing seems to be working. My G.I. is having me do a trial of prednisone for 10 days to see if that will help me (which its not - its actually making my constipation worse).

So I go see a surgeon tomorrow. I have severe scar tissue at my terminal ileum. I had 3 balloon dialition done throughout last year - that didn't help - so this why surgery is my next resort.

Can you anyone share their stories if you have had this type of surgery done. What is the recovery time, results from it, was it worth it....

as far as surgery goes, i had almost all my large intestine removed, and it was the best thing that i ever did for my control over this disease.

i know its not the type of surgery your looking at, just hoping that if you go thru with yours, then you'll have the same kind of success i've had with mine. it really has changed my life for the better.
Hi Erin,

I had surgery about 15 months ago. The operation removed about two ft of small bowel, my appendix, a few other random digestive parts, and stricturoplastied most of my intestines.

Prior to this operation, I had failed almost all meds was in pretty bad shape (lost of 50 lbs, constant pain, vomiting, ect). I started taking humira, which was helping to control new inflammation, but my guts were too shredded up from years of disease to be treated by meds alone.

My recovery time went like this:
Week 1: In the hospital, on IV painkillers
Week 2: Bed rest at home, on oral painkillers (percocet)
Week 3-4: Minimal mobility, able to walk around the house, work 4-6 hours/day from home
Week: 4-6: Went back to work full time, but basically did nothing but sleep otherwise, off painkillers
Week 8: Pretty much feeling back to normal, just a lot of fatigue, no pain or tenderness
Month 6: Fatigue finally gone

I can truly say that the surgery gave me my life back. I am still taking Humira and probiotics, but over a year later, I am still in remission and enjoying life.

Hope this helps. Please let us know what you decide to do.