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Stroke while using Cimzia

I posted my story in this forum, entitled "cimzia side effects".
The post is about the research program I attended for the approval of the drug Cimzia to be marketed in Europe.
During the study I got a stroke causing me to lose sight of my right eye.
The result was that I was removed from the study because of the chance that the stroke caused by the use of Cimzia.
In the document which releases me from the research I was advised to use Humira which has no fatal side effects.
The issue was taken to Court which would have to decide whether the stroke was caused from using Cimzia.

I'll let you know of the Court's decision in this matter.
Wish all patients with Crohn's disease a complete recovery.
I thought all Crohn's patients had a higher risk of stroke. How would they know if it was the Cimzia, Crohn's, or something totally unrelated? That's interesting and I will look forward to reading the decision.