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Struggling to move forward

Had NG tube feeding for the last 9 weeks. Was trying to use LOFFLEX with the support of my Dietitian. Things started out okay from 'safe' list but then developed 2 chest infections and things went a bit off course. Started to introduce things from the next phase after but no matter what I do it irritates my bowel so badly and I'm chained to the toilet. I don't know what is going on.
They were discussing a PEG, but my GI isn't keen in case it risks my Crohns spreading to my stomach.
Now Dietitian wants me to try eating more. I literally can't. Ultimately the PEG is my decision they say but I don't know what to do now. Anyone got any advice? I'm really struggling.
Hi Racoon2000,
I'm so sorry your struggling with food.
My DD has a g-tube placed because the n-g tube was causing bad issues with her sinuses.
Yes I worry now about crohns popping up there but I still think it was the best option I could have made at the time.

Are you wearing the n-g tube 24/7?
Can you insert it yourself?
Hi thank you for replying. I'm sorry to hear the struggles your daughter is going through.
Yes I have my NG 24/7. I have coughed and vomited it up at least 5 times since it first went in. The nurses put it back in for me. Feel so rubbish and confused with it all. Just want to be feeling well and it's not happening.