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Struggling with Aza

Hi, my GI thinks I have 'probable' small bowel crohn's. I was on Budesonide which made me feel better and then 50mg of aza for 4 weeks which was OK with a few side effects. On Saturday she upped my dose to 100mg and I feel I have been hit by a truck. No energy, aches and pains everywhere and feeling emotional all the time (which is very unusual for me being a bloke!). I'm thinking of just stopping the aza as the abdominal pain seems a better option at the moment! Does anyone have any advice or anything that can make me feel better...! Thanks
I think you should tell the doctor what you are going through. Maybe they have some other option. Keep us updated.
Maybe you could up your dose more slowly I.e 75mg first for a few weeks. You could take your dose before you go to bed, or you could split your dose so take half in the morning, half in the evening.

A lot of people feel like this at first I have read on the forum that it does subside after a few weeks. Stay strong!