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Struggling with weight loss one year after surgery

I was always a fat kid, as far as I can remember. At my worst, senior year of high school, I (5'7" M) weighed 182 lbs (Aug 13). After my first Crohn's hospitalization later that year (Dec 13) and started Humira, I weighed 174 lbs.

When I graduated high school, I decided that I wanted to lose weight, so I started hiking on the 2 mile trail near my house (Jun 14). After losing 5 lbs, I started calorie counting (Jul 14), and by Nov 14 I was down to an all time low of 147 lbs.

I stayed here for about 9 months, but was mad that I still had manboobs and a gut. I asked my doctor why and he said that I was skinny fat because I only did cardio, and that I needed to start weightlifting. I did this for 3 months (now Nov 15), came up to 157, and stopped to study for finals. During this time, I would later find out that I developed antibodies against Humira for some time and would enter a full blown relapse, resulting in a hospitalization (Dec 15).

After coming out of the hospital, I was okay for a month or so, and started lifting again. This was short lived, as my health got worse throughout Feb 16 until I was hospitalized in March. I entered the hospital at 157 and two weeks later after a resection and ileostomy, I left at 140.

By Jun 16, after an ileostomy reversal, I was back to 157 lbs, but due to my sedentary lifestyle (curse you World of Warcraft), I was up at 167 lbs a month later (Jul 16). It is now June 2017, and I weigh 168 lbs. From Jun 16 to Nov 16, I was stuck in the upper 160s before coming down to 165, where I stayed until April 2017, where my weight jumped back up to 168, and I've been stuck here since.

So what have I been doing to try and lose weight?
  • Calorie counting. My TDEE is 1750 calories, but eating 1250 is very hard, so I try and exercise
  • Cardio. I started using a treadmill, but it wreaked havoc on my shins. I tried the same hiking trail that I did back in the day, but it's too damn hot, meaning I have to go out at 7:30, and after the hike and shower at home, it's 9 by the time I can eat. So I decided to walk laps around my house. Sure, it's slow (3mph), but I'm actually able to get 10,000 steps a day
  • Weights, I go to the gym, 2-4 times a week, schedule allowing and do mixed arm, chest, abs, and leg workouts

So what do I think is going wrong?
  • My food schedule is screwy. Right now, it's a breakfast or lunch in the late morning/early afternoon (10AM-2PM), a snack in the late afternoon (5PM), dinner (7-8PM), and a snack (9PM - 11PM).
  • My self control is all over the place. Sometimes my lunch will be a single sandwich, and I'm done. Sometimes I'll have three or four sandwiches. Sometimes I'll have dinner at 8PM and be done until tomorrow morning. Sometimes I'll get a bowl of cereal at 10PM. Sometimes I'll make three or four trips to the kitchen at night, each with a bowl of cereal or a slice of cake or some other sweet. And it's not like I actively go for sweets, if they're in my basement fridge, I don't touch them. But I don't remember having any more self control back when I first lost all of this weight, as my average caloric intake appears to be the same as it was back then (1500).

Anyone else currently or once was in a similar boat?
Clean up the diet. Weight is all about diet. Lifting weights will change your body composition. You can not out exercise a crappy diet. Eat real food with meals you make at home. Keeping moving. Our bodies are meant to move. Find something you enjoy and do it. Good luck. Make small changes. You don't have to change everything at once. Do what's manageable. A good site to check out is precision nutrition. Lots of good info and they do on line coaching which you may benefit from.