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Stupid bowels

Seriously, wth...
I've been having lots of trouble with feeling like I need to go really bad. Like it feels like I have really bad diarrhea but nothing freaking happens!
I get the feeling like having to go really bad and if I am out, I freak out like I won't make it to the bathroom in time but nothing happens!

Today I took my son out for lunch after we went to get my meds and I've felt like I've had to go all day but I know that I don't so I just get on with my day. But then after a few bites of food my bowels decide to start feeling like I am going to crap myself at the table. I wasn't so sure about using the bathroom at the restaurant because having a two year old in a public restroom with you while you need pooping time is a disaster. I think I would rather poop myself than have him open the door while people are in there and having him run out of the bathroom while my pants are down.
So I quickly swooped up our food and walked back to the car hoping I wouldn't crap myself and no one would notice I was walking funny.

So we get home and I'm like omg I need to go so freaking bad and I dashed to the bathroom and waited....and waited....and waited. WTH! Absolutely nothing happened.

This is just so rediculous.

Same thing happened on our drive back from T-day vacation in California. I kept thinking I had to go really bad and was just about to yell out to stop so I can go in a bush or something on the side of the road but I didn't really have to go.

I don't think my bowels can make up their mind. One day they don't even want to warn me I have to go and then the rest of the time they just play tricks on me.
oh you poor thing - problem is when everything gets inflamed, your bum thinks it needs to go and you get all this urgency and then nothing damn well happens - but you can never take the chance can you???

You remind me of something that happened to my sister a few years ago, she doesnt have crohn's but she gets really nervous on the tube (she was in the Kings Cross fire), anyways, she decided to take her daughter to see a show in town, and brave it on the tube...

So she gets off the tube and her nervous bowels are screaming - she has to go and she has to go now... she spots a Macdonalds over the road and pegs it daughter in hand... typically a HUGE queue, and by the time she gets to the front there are a million peope waiting behind her, and she's sweating and shaking, bumhole twitching like mad (we've all been there haven't we?)

Naturally she takes her young child into the cubicle with her..

So she gets in there, bowels drop out in spectacular style, and daughter starts crying - HYSTERICAL... MUMMY THAT REALLY SMELLS...LET ME OUT!! LET ME OUT!!

My poor sister then tries the tack of saying it's not me darling it smelt when we got in here at the top of her voice....


Needless to say she did not stop to wash her hands on the way out, she literally pegged it shamefaced...

Gotta laugh!!

My son has also tried to make a break for fresh air on several occasions when I have had to take him with me for a public bathroom assault.... nothing worse than trying to deal with a violent poop incident and contain a small child in a confined stinky space with you!

Keep your chin up! You are not alone!

Lishyloo x
OMG that made me laugh so hard. I'm so glad my son isn't at that age yet.
He likes going into the bathroom with me at home and I just think, omg I hope he doesn't remember being in there while Mom is making nasty poops.
He doesn't seem to be phased by it......yet.
Ha! We only have one bathroom and these days all discretion and modesty has left me... who ever is in there, I just barge in "COMING THROUGH!"

My GP is arranging for me to have my own commode - at first I was horrified at the idea, but now I am quite coming around to the idea!

Lishyloo x
When I had a severe episode of cramping and diarrhea on Sunday when we were on vacation I was like great, the bathroom is right there and my boyfriend is going to hear everything!
What a pleasant thing to hear when you are trying to sleep. Lol. Luckily we have two bathrooms at home and I can pick the one farthest away so he can't hear.
Hey KC - I believe what you are experiencing is tenesmus. I used to get this when my disease was pretty active. I do not remember how to treat it, other than a steroid taper and trying to get my disease under better control. Did a search for treatment and didn't come up with a whole lot. I hope you can get all this figured out soon - I know that is frustrating to live with!