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Subtotal colectomy to remove obstructions and inflamed tissue

Had surgery on the 2nd of this month to remove about 70% of my inflamed colon along with the two obstructions, went surprisingly well according to my doctor, only issue was that as obstructions were a lot larger than expected the incision had to be extended so have a scar about 14 inches long.

Good news was that they attached remaining colon to my rectum so no need for external aids.

Bad news had about 3 days of vomiting bile, and being told it was ok to eat hospital ice cream just did not help. What DID help was eating/sucking fruit pastels and starburst, that seemed to help move things in the right direction otherwise they were talking about reinserting the NG tube.

The pain after was minimal, I know this as the epidural was not in properly and every time I wanted relief it was just squirting down my back, I did hurt but to be honest anal fissures hurt more.


Glad the surgery went well and you could avoid an ostomy bag. Health and healing in the coming days. Just take it easy with low fiber foods for a few weeks and slowly introduce new foods. Also, no lifting over 10 pounds. It will take some time for your body to readjust so you may have loose stools and require medication to control that.