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Success stories

success stories

hi everyone,
i have been reading from this site for some time, finally decided to jump in!!
i was diagnosed with crohns in 1992, though my life was over but i struggled on as we all do, because we have to. after many years of pain and eventually unable to eat solids, weight at 6 stone, surgery in 2000, 2 days before my 30th birthday. i had about 12 inches of small bowel removed. i can say i have been in remission since then with maybe a flare once a year which is usually down to crap diet!! sometimes i get complacent and think i can eat anything i want...but i cant!! anyhow currently on no meds, b12 jabs 12 weekly. i control things with a good diet, peppermint tea and slippery elm, oh and ive quit smoking for a year. positive thinking is a winner with this illness, a good understanding and sharing others experiences can bring hope,dont fight against it embrace the challenge and win!! i think you are all great xx


Hiya Jo
and welcome

So glad you've joined us, lots of Crohnie friends here for you.
Well done on quitting the fags, something I've not been able to let go of yet, mainly cos I'm stupid!
enjoy the forum and keep up the good work!
lotsa luv
Joan xxx
thanks for the welcome joan,

quitting was made easier with my electric ciggie, they are fantastic and so much cheaper!! x
ha ha, ive got a slimline one from amazon and i can use it in the office!! seriously couldn't of quit without it. the only downside of quitting was that i got really constipated and ended up with an intestinal hernia and had surgery for that in may this year!! my doctor said smoking keeps the bowels moving!! i could of punched him, all those years of him sucking in air when i said i was still lighting up, you cant win!! xx


Your Story Forum Monitor
Hi and welcome! I am so happy to hear surgery has kept you so well through the years. You'll be a valuable member, because I am sure you'd provide some real support and encouragement to those facing surgery. Once again, welcome to the forum!
thanx jill, i consider myself very lucky but the threat of relapse is never far from my mind. i hope i can give some comfort to others, especially those who are recently diagnosed and like you say facing surgery. thanx again for the welcome xx