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Back in 2017, I ended up with 3 abscesses over the course of 7 months which turned into fistulae. Since then, I have been on prednisone and azathioprine while my fistula kept oozing green/yellow liquid with fevers after bowel movement.

After a lot of going back-and-forth with CRS and GI medicine, my doctors finally agreed to put me on Remsima (aka Infliximab) around 3 weeks ago. As I use my gauze all the time, I noticed there was no more stains on my gauze-pads after my first infusion. I no longer pass gas through my fistulae so I decided to stop using my gauze.

I noticed that my clothes are being soiled by transparent liquid instead which is why I didn't detect it in the gauze. As I no longer pass gas through the hole, I am assuming it is healing from inside-out.

I am just wondering if this normal part of the healing process? I wouldn't be seeing my doctors for another few weeks.

(FYI) I do not have a seton in place as that's where the CRS and GI had difference in opinion and agreed to put me on biologics without a seton.


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Hey there - glad to hear the Remsima seems to be working! I have been on remicade for years, and if I recall correctly my fistulae started to heal within a month. I'm not sure about the secretions - but it does sound fairly normal - most likely mucous during the healing process. If there is no color/smell I would not be too concerned, and hopefully it will continue to decrease!
thank you. As i was not getting any stains on my gauze, I told my GI that the fistulae seem to have healed and wouldn't have another appointment for 4 weeks. I only realised it after stopping using the gauze pads that I was having transparent leakages.