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Sudden pain

Hello everyone :).

I have a question. Has anyone been having a good time with little or no symptoms and then out of the blue experience sudden, excruciating pain that's lasted a few hours and then disappeared leaving you feeling like you had a hangover? This happened to me today. My pain usually builds up slowly but this just happened, I had to rush to the loo where the pain got worse and had diarrhoea with some blood, I've only been 3 time today, each time with a little blood but thankfully the pain has stayed away. I've also been having a terrible itch all over my body with a rash that looks like tiny chickenpox, it's intensely itchy. Some of my joints have been annoying me more but not all of them and nowhere near as bad as they can get.

Sorry for the long winded post, thank you for reading.


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Hi Lizbeth.

I do but it doesn't sound like yours. I get that way with obstructions. After it clears I'm exhausted beyond belief. Takes about 5-7 days to feel better.


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Sudden pain like you described, with the blood and relief sounds like you may have had something brewing that "popped" inside- maybe an abscess, hemmie etc....can't tell without going to a doctor though. Where was the pain located? If the blood is bright red, could you have had an internal hemorrhoid that burst?

As for the rash, that should probably be checked out too, to make sure you don't have any type of contagious illness- not sure what medications you are on but a medication reaction is also possible.....still should be checked by a doctor.
Thank you for your replies.

The pain was from halfway up my ribcage right the way down my abdomen, I couldn't bear the weight of anything on it. I was like that right before it was the reason why I went to hospital and then found out it might be crohns but then it has built up over a couple of wild and lasted for months after, this time it posed in 4 hours.

As for the rest, I'm not on any meds bc I haven't had a diagnosis yet so I can't blame that :(. I know I have arthritis in various places too but don't know if that could be related. Who knows lol :)

Ps. I've only been once today which is a bit unusual and I'm not sore? I wish I knew how my body worked!