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Suddenly nothing tastes right

My son has had a great appetite, up until a couple days ago when he began saying that he'd lost his taste for eggs. I thought he meant that he was tired of them and he thought so, too, as he's been eating 6 a day. He would have eaten more, too, but I limited him to 6!

But, now he realizes that it's pretty much every food, so it's his taster that's off. "It's like part of my tongue isn't feeling things, so I only get the bad parts, only taste bitter." He noticed white stuff on his tongue, but it can be scraped off easily, so it can't be thrush. He says it comes and goes, things taste not so bad, then it gets worse, then better...but never good.

I googled and it appears that there are about a thousand possible reasons for loss of taste, but I'm inclined to think it's a vitamin deficiency, likely B12, as he is vegetarian, but I don't know.

His last blood test showed that he was low on iron, but "not scary low" and rather than go against SCD his dr said that he could just start eating a cup of steamed spinach everyday.

I'm waiting for the doctor to call back...and thought you guys might have some ideas or experience with this. My son is supposed to leave for camp in 3 days. :(

Thank you in advance!
Might be too simple of an answer - but how's his sinuses right now? Our family struggles with sinus issues and several of us (me included) get the white tongue and "off taste" experience. For us the white stuff is a bacteria that can build up from sinus issues. My IBDer is on Cetirizine (for allergies) and I buy the Target Up & Up brand non-drowsy allergy med and it goes away within a couple of days.

Hope it is something simple!
Husband and a couple of our children do have sinus issues, so I will definitely look into all of that. My son even uses neti pot sort of thing.

I asked him how his sinuses were and he said they were "a little clogged but not too bad". However, he used his neti pot and says he thinks it helped. He gargled with salt water to get rid of the white stuff on his tongue.

He ate a bit more, but he is definitely short on his calories today. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.
Thank you so much, CM!
My son began taking B12 and his symptoms disappeared. So, we think that was it. He left for summer camp this morning, feeling wonderful!
I wish I had an answer but my son began complaining of the exact same thing back in November. For months nothing tasted right. It seems to have resolved on its own so hopefully the same will be true for your son. Hang in there.