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Suggestions for relief from fissure pain?

I currently am in a flare and developed an awfully painful fissure. I am getting my bowel movements under control with prednisone and am down to about 5-6 per day, but this fissure has made everyone of them excrutiating. I have nitroglycerin topical from my doc. I do sitz baths as I can (but I work, so this is the worst time) and I also use calmoseptine. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do to make a fissure heal faster or at least to provide temporary relief? Thanks for your help!
Hi Cookie. First of all, i am sorry you are in a flare. I am no expert but I am going to give you my opinion. If you developed a fissure your crohn's is not under control even if your bowel movements are less often, having a fissure is consider perianal crohns. I believe the only way to heal a fissure is with biologics. I may be wrong. How is your sed rate? My daughter was feeling good, no signs of crohn's, no symptoms or nothing. She developed a fissure, so she was put on remicade because of that. Fissure gone. Remember crohn's can be silent. Call your Doctor. I used aloe vera (the real plant) on my daughter's bottom and it gave her relief from redness, inflammation and pain. Just my opinion. I hope you feel better soon.
Thanks for the advice araceli. I have been on remicade in the past for chronic recto vaginal fistulas, so yes, perianal involvement is nothing new to me. I got off of my meds while trying to get pregnant and had everything under control for 3+ years, so my current flare is recent. I will likely move back onto a biologic, but we wanted to try and see if we could get it under control without one first since I did so well that way for so long. As for my sed rate, it was high prior to my last colonoscopy, which confirmed my flare, but that was a month ago and I have not had blood work done since then. My follow up is in 2 weeks.

As for your daughter's fissure, did she have a lot of bleeding and mucous? I have both, and also drainage of stool, which made me think I had another fistula, but the doctor did an exam and said it was most likely a fissure and that drainage of stool was still common in people with Crohn's. The pain from this sucker is far worse than any I had with fistulas and abscesses in the past. All of the drainage keeps the area moist and prevents healing. I think i will try your suggestion of aloe. thanks again for the advice.
The mucous coming from my rectum has turned thick and greenish. I am wondering if this is a sign of infection? I do not have a fever. I am worried because I am scheduled to leave for vacation tomorrow (week long camping trip, of all things). I was just at the doctor on Monday. Not sure what to do. It's 5 pm on Friday, so my doc is gone for the week anyway. I am kind of stressed about this trip now.
I have perianal disease also. The main challenge is to get the sphincter muscle spasms to settle down to heal fissures. I battled chronic fissures for 5 years and tried everything under the sun to get some sort of relief. Nefidipine was the only med that helped heal them up once. I took it orally but have read they now have a topically cream like the nitro. I tried nitro twice without success. Botox is another option if it becomes chronic. I had surgery to cut the sphincter muscle finally that helped immensely before I was diagnosed with Crohn's.

Some things I did:
-Take 2-3 sitz baths a day. I work so usually one in the morning and evening.
- Use hand shower to clean the area.
- Tucked 1/2 cotton ball - changing several times a day. This was suggested to me by my CRS. This helped a lot for some reason. Kept the drainage under control and provided pain relief(not sure why).
- Took a small amount of fiber to try to get formed stool. Runny stool would cause me a lot of grief.

The green discharge does sound concerning. Do they have an after hours number you can call and page a doctor on call?

I hope you get relief soon. Fissures are a living hell......