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Suggestions for starting...and not losing sleep?

So I get my LDN tomorrow and start it tomorrow night. Now, I don't have a lot of symptoms from my "moderate Crohns"...but one thing I AM is tired...and this girl COUNTS on her 10 hours of sleep a night.

So...I've heard you have weird dreams from LDN, but also that you could have trouble falling asleep. Anyone experienced that? And do you have any suggestions for getting a tight-10 in if it does inhibit falling aspleet? (Like anyone sleeps THAT much?)

I know I have to stop working until 9 or 10 PM so that my brain can power down. I already take a couple of melatonin at night. But any other ideas could be helpful.

Good that you are starting it on the weekend. When I started, the first couple of nights the sleep was not happening very well so I was glad that I got over it mostly on a weekend instead of struggling throughout the week.

I was also going to suggest melatonin.

You don't HAVE to take LDN at night but the consensus is that it works better if you take it at night. There have been plenty of people taking it in the morning who have had good results but if you can push through the first few nights of bad sleep, you will get used to it and sleep just as good as you were pre-LDN.

Getting enough quality sleep is a big thing for me too and I was pretty annoyed with the LDN at first but everything is back to normal now.

Keep us updated on how you are doing! :smile: